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Reimagining the
digital creative experience.

New Familiar Creative is a digital creative studio led by Remy Holwick, a creative and strategic director with 15 years of branded experience. 

Founded in 2020, NewFam is a ground-up response to an outdated model of brand creative.  We work in a hybrid model, producing both traditional brand strategies and creative for new brands and rebranding, and as a content partner, building lasting, meaningful creative relationships with brands and the people behind them, integrating our team into your process organically and continuously generating content to meet the needs of today's digital market.

We specialize in flexible, autonomous, and conversion-minded solutions for web, copy, and social creative and strategy partnerships for the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries.

Our mission is to create brands and branded media that leaves a lasting emotional impression, turning brand prospects into converts, and converts into cult followers.

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